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Lighting a nice fire in a wood-burning stove or insert: instructions for use

There’s no smoke without fire... but you can make a fire with hardly any smoke! With the right fuel, the right method, and the right wood-burning stove or insert, you ... Read more

Wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves and inserts: a second lease of life for ash

Are you a satisfied owner of a wood-burning or pellet fire who regularly throws away the ash that has built up? Without knowing it, you are missing out on their many benefits fo... Read more

Does wood-fired heating create pollution?

Certain residues from the combustion of wood can be found in the atmosphere, in the form of fine particles. These particles, which we breathe in, are harmful, especially for tho... Read more

7 tips for choosing your wood-burning fire

By improving a building’s energy performance, wood-burning fires can now provide much of the heat that the building needs and significantly reduce your energy bill.  Spec... Read more

The right conditions for perfect results

The correct performance of a Stûv fire or stove depends on 5 factors: the product itself, the smoke outlet, the wood, the air supply and whether the product is being us... Read more

The stûv to suit your home

It is important to choose a product whose heating power suits the space you want to heat. You will actually probably choose the fire that works with a hot flame, in othe... Read more